1990 S Double Die “Proof” Quarter

1990 S Double Die “Proof” Quarter

  • Posted: Aug 30, 2012
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Here is a trick question: Which coin has less than 20 examples of a mint error officially discovered, yet according to Mint records, 2000+ were said to be produced? Further compounding the mystery is that the coin is of a proof variety, specifically designed for collectors who examine such offering closely??? The answer is the “1990-S Double Die Obverse Washington Quarter – Proof.”

The 1990-S Double Die Obverse Washington Quarter – Proof is the first coin in the history of the US Mint to have doubling on the mintmark; the San Francisco designation “s” doubles up and to the right. The primary reason for this is that up until 1985, mintmarks were added after the die was created, giving the Mint flexibility to do it’s creative work once and then multiply the efforts for different mint locations as necessary.

The second doubling is on the date, a common  (if we can use that term for a rare occurrence) area for many double die coins.

Interesting facts about double die coins:

A double die coin is created when the die itself receives two impressions of the coin’s specific design. Doubling is almost always most pronounced the further out toward the edge the design, and is created by a slight twist on the hub at the moment the die is made.

This coin falls into USACoins.com’s Ridiculously Rare category. The total “certified” population is 10. Seven certified by PCGS and three by NGC.

For the one person who has 50 rolls of unopened Proof Washington Quarters – give us a call at 1-800-CALL NOWW!!!

All kidding aside, this coin came as part of the “1990 Proof Set” and the “1990 Prestige Proof Set.” So check your sets my friends, check your sets….