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Making Money in Coin Collecting

  I’m going to tell you a wealth building secret that is hiding in plain sight, yet 95% of people don’t follow this one simple rule. “Making extraordinary returns in any investment comes down to knowing the investment (and the market) better than everyone else.” So I’ve got a question for you: where do you […]

The View Up Close

  We coin collectors are a meticulous bunch. We study the same coin for hours on end, from many different vantage points: first from far away to see it as it was designed to be seen – about 18 to 24 inches from our face. Grasping it by the edge and then looking at it, […]

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1873-CC “No Arrows” Dime

  What’s the difference between a coin that is rare, and one that is unique? The answer: Rare coins include two or more specimens in existence; unique coins have only one. The 1873-CC “No Arrows” Dime is “unique.” Mint records indicate that 12,400, 1873-CC “No Arrows” Dimes were produced, but it is believed that all […]

The $193,000 Experimental 1963 Dime

I was scanning various media for an article that I can only call, interesting and unusual, and came upon a coin on eBay selling for $193k. Nothing unusual there except the coin was one I had never seen before. It was a Martha Washington experimental dime from 1963 – one of only two known to […]

Uncle Sam

1943 Steel Cent – How it Helped the US Win World War II

What I like most about coin collecting is that there is almost always a historical “story” behind why a coin is the way it is. A design on the obverse or reverse to celebrate a specific event; reeded edging to help the visually impaired; or in the case of the “1943 steel cent” the need […]

7 over 8 Tail Feathers Morgan Silver Dollar

The 7 over 8 Tail-Feather Morgan Silver Dollar The Morgan Silver Dollar was a very controversial coin. The obverse featured a likeness of school teacher – Anna Willess Williams as Miss Liberty; the reverse a likeness of a very unattractive eagle. In fact the coin itself had many nicknames, the Buzzard Dollar, British Grouse, Pelican, […]


American Silver Eagle “Key Date” Coins

On the front page of the Wall Street Journal (December 27, 2010), the newspaper highlighted that silver was the second best price performing commodity during 2010 – up 78 percent. Gold, its big brother, was up a mere 28 percent, making silver a far more profitable investment for the precious metal investor. The Silver American […]

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